Prince — Photog Tells Online Retailer … Using Sexy Pic Might Cost Ya

0719-prince-rebdolls-02A famous pic of Prince with a come-hither stare was plastered on sweatshirts and t-shirts and sold without the photog’s permission … according to a new lawsuit.

Famed photographer Deborah Feingold is suing online retail store Rebdolls for using the pic, which she says is from a shoot she did with Prince in 1980. She says it started selling the Prince items between 2012 and 2014 … with the caption “Girl Bye.” 

It appears Rebdolls caught wind of the suit — we did a search and the merch is already off their site.

BTW … the Prince shot on the gear isn’t the same as the one included in the lawsuit, but we’re told it IS from Deborah’s photo shoot. Deborah’s lawyer says it was a clerical error.

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