Not being Danish is not an issue for me, says Lego’s incoming CEO

Bali Padda, LEGO's current chief operating officer and soon to be CEO

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Bali Padda, LEGO’s current chief operating officer and soon to be CEO

For Padda, who at present is the Lego Group’s Chief Operations Officer, he intends to keep the core values of Lego and its brick during his time as CEO, adding that Lego’s connected brands and tie ins with popular franchises such as Star Wars, help complement the business’ core value of the physical brick.

“The core of our business is based around the brick. It helps the children both from a creative point of view and also from a logical thinking point of view.”

“For us it’s very important that we reach as many children across the world as we can, and for me the induction into Lego was all about these bricks — what a powerful material this is and what this can do to children,” said Padda.

“So my focus would be to continue to build the brick business, and (look at) how we can take it as a business further and further as we go along, and at the same time look at the movie business, look at the games business and see what can be done to help augment the brand and continue to leverage it.”

Even when it comes to the current political uncertainty seen across the globe and the concerns over future trading operations, Padda said the group would continue to focus on the brick and their consumers, but would address these business issues when they unfolded.

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