Miles Teller & Girlfriend Flip Truck in Scary Crash With Uber (UPDATE)

US-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM-PREMIERE-BLEED FOR THISUPDATE: Miles Teller reacted to the “bad accident” via Twitter on Friday, Dec. 23:

Original post:

Actor Miles Teller reportedly had to be restrained from attacking an Uber driver after a serious car accident last night.

According to TMZ, the “Whiplash,” “Bleed for This,” and “Fantastic Four” star was driving his beloved truck in the San Fernando Valley when an Uber driver reportedly made a left turn when it was not safe and the vehicles collided. TMZ quoted a law enforcement source who said the accident was not Teller’s fault.

Teller’s Bronco flipped over, but he and his girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry, were reportedly not injured. However, Teller supposedly got out of the car and screamed “You f*cked up my truck” and was so angry at the Uber driver that he had to be restrained.

TMZ said an ambulance took two passengers in the Uber to the hospital, and a witness to the scene said Teller appeared concerned about the two injured people. So he wasn’t just concerned about the truck.

Here’s the truck in better days, in a photo from Sperry’s Instagram:

You can see it in less upright condition at TMZ. The site also noted the eerie connection that Teller’s “Whiplash” and “Bleed for This” characters were also in car accidents. And when the actor was 20 he was in a near-fatal crash himself. As Teller, now 29, told ABC News of that crash, “My buddy lost control of my car going 80 mph. We flipped eight times. I got ejected out the window. The car landed and I was just laying like 50 feet from the car, unconscious, covered in blood. My buddy thought I was dead. […] I got scars on my face. I still have two rocks in my face.”

It’s good to hear he was not hurt in this more recent accident; the two injured parties were said to have minor injuries, so they should be OK.

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