Never thought I’d be writing children’s books: UK comedian

David Walliams signs copies of his books 'Grandpa's Great Escape' and 'The Bear Who Went Boo' at Harrods

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David Walliams signs copies of his books ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ and ‘The Bear Who Went Boo’ at Harrods

“(However,) when I was a child I realized that a lot of the comedians that I admired wrote their own material and I sort of understood that, that was a big part of it.”

“So I suppose I became a writer so I could be a comedian and then I started to realize that, for me, the writing seemed more creative than the performing. Because you’re starting with a blank page and really the only limit’s your imagination.”

In 2008, Walliams made his debut as a children’s author, publishing his first children’s book “The Boy in the Dress” which tackled the subject of cross-dressing. While society was “probably less sympathetic to that kind of idea” almost a decade ago, Walliams added that the book was well-received by the public and it put him on the path to write more.

And Walliams talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2014, the comedian was seen as one of the U.K.’s best-selling children’s authors after generating over £7 million ($8.6 million) from sales of his books during that year, media outlets reported at the time citing figures by The Bookseller.

During a typical writing process, Walliams compared writing a book to climbing a mountain, whereby “when you’re at the very bottom you look up and you go ‘oh I can’t do this’; (but) when you’re halfway up, it becomes a bit easier.”

Yet despite climbing each of these mountains, the comedian isn’t put off by the literary world telling CNBC he has “more and more books” planned for the future, and could even one day look into writing a book for a more grown-up audience.

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