Migos Sued Over YRN Clothing Line


Sued Over YRN Clothing Line

5/9/2018 10:28 AM PDT


Migos has just been slapped with a lawsuit by a company that claims the guys screwed them over in a clothing line deal.

Yung Rich Nation — YRN — claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, it had an exclusive deal to market YRN clothing. Migos’ debut album was called “Yung Rich Nation.” The head of YRN, Norton Cher, has earned his stripes in the clothing biz, partnering in the past with the likes of Jay-Z.

Migos was supposed to promote the clothing line by wearing the stuff in at least 6 music videos a year, 4 photo shoots and at least 6 in-store signings. Short story … YRN says Migos didn’t live up to its end of the deal.

What’s more … YRN says Migos got involved in a separate agreement with Universal Music Group and started merchandising Migos apparel.  

The lawsuit claims Migos got vengeful and tried to shut down the entire YRN company. They are suing for unspecified damages.

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